Time Line



  • Oct 06; Trump announces US withdrawal from Syria
  • Oct 07: Trump threatens Turkey’s economy; Turkey bombs Syria-Iraqi border crossing
  • Oct 09: Turkey invades Suria
  • Oct 11: Turkey shells near US in Kobanî
  • Oct 12: Concerns of Turkish war crimes & ethnic cleansing
  • Oct 13: Remembering the DC brawl; Assad warns Kurds US will abandon them
  • Oct 14: Syria-SDF agreement; US has 50 nukes in Turkey; concerns about ISIS prisoners arise; Trump threatens sanctions
  • Oct 15: Russia begins patrolling Syria-Turkish border near Kobani/Manbij; US transfers base @ Kobanî to Russia; US withdraws w/ air support; US bombs own ammo dump south of Kobanî
  • Oct 16: Trump: Not our problem; Trump’s letter to Erdogan; the Legend of Dick Cat
  • Oct 17: Erdogan trashes Trump’s letter; US brokers 120 hour cease fire for YPG to vacate 32km safe zone; US promises to lift sanctions on Oct 21
  • Oct 18: Reports: firing never ceased; Trump talks w/ Erdogan; Reports: Turkey targeting ambulances
  • Oct 20: US withdraws to Iraq-except forces at Deir ez-Zur to guard oil; SAA deployed on Turkish border
  • Oct 21: YPG withdraws from safe zone; Turkey continues attack; discussion of oil; rocks thrown at US
  • Oct 22: Putin brokers new cease fire deal with Turkey in Sochi; first Fake News propagated v. northeastern Syria.
  • Oct 23: Trump lifts sanctions; US plans to secure oil fields in south east
  • Oct 24: Erdogan calls for arrest of SDF Gen. Mazloum
  • Oct 25: Erdogan threatens Europe with refugees
  • Oct 28:YPG pulling out of safe zone; Reports: TFSA killing civilians
  • Oct 29: First heavy fighting Syria-Turkey; US kills ISIS #2; Russia claims no knowledge of Turkish shelling; Turkey cracks down on Kurds at home; Russia confirms YPG withdrawal
  • Oct 30: Report: NSC says Trump ignored options; SAA withdraws from border when Turkey attacks and Russia does not support; FBR confirms Turkey shelling; 1st reposts Christians fleeing near Tal Tamr
  • Nov 02: US begins patrols of oil fields
  • Nov 03: Enes Kanter does interview
  • Nov 04: Zau Seng of the FBR killed; Rojava recruiting
  • Nov 05: Turkish forces close on Tal Timr; Turkish flyovers of Iraqi Kurds; rock throwing commences; Q: War btw. states? p1; p2;
  • Nov 06: Erdogan says safe zone not cleared; ISIS in Turkish tanks; SDF resumes working with Coalition; Israel discusses Syria; Russia joins fight against Turkey near Ayn Issa; OIR send Bradleys to Syria;
  • Nov 07: US movements begin to confuse observers; Ambassador Roebuck’s memo leaks; Pentagon: mission is support SDF v. ISIS; Enes Kanter Tweets at Erdogan; Erdogan threatens Europe with refugees again; France questions NATO
  • Nov 08: Rock throwing; ethnic cleansing. I evidence; More rocks at trucks; protestor killed; fighting; AP reports on Turkish Fake News; Enes Kanter @ WSJ; increase Turkish ops v. Kurds in Turkey & Iraq; US military rattles saber; US envoy to Syria Jeffries meets with Turkish officials
  • Nov 09: Enes Kanter disses Erdogan; discussion of Turkish support of ISIS; doggone sniper;
  • Nov 10: Qamishli is throwing rocks at US now

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