Nov 2 (1/1): We’re Not Leaving


That is a disturbing clip. The American flags with that giant pump jack as the backdrop… profound.




This is brilliant. And I see it now.

Trump doesn’t want to be president. He wants to be the Pirate King. His whole fucking presidency makes sense now.

barbed wire Bob

Like Clive, Trump is a sociopath but unlike Clive, Trump is incompetent. At this stage of the game I don’t know if that’s good or bad.


We may be getting into the oil smuggling business.

barbed wire Bob



Unfortunately, the flags are tactically necessary depart the grotesque optics. Which underscores the profundity you mention.

In other news:

Update on Trump’s withdrawal of American troops from the region:

In addition to the mechanized infantry unit now deployed at Deir ez-Zur to guard our oil, we’re setting up what appears to be three small bases at Qamishli in the east on the Turkish border. Oh, and we sent some troops to our base south of Kobanî at the west end of the conflict area that we had never actually fully abandoned.

So basically, if the territory in Syria that was not controlled by Assad from before this conflict is a triangle, we have concentrations of forces at the strategic locations closest to each of the three angles of the triangle (I indicate them with “X”s).


We’re not leaving.


Reports coming out that Turkish forces are hitting medical stations and health workers.

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