Nov 11 (3/6): FakeNews Attack on US Opinion

Fake News Attack (Russian?)

It appears that as I post, a social media Fake News style campaign may be underway. Suspicious constellations of identical Tweets.

These are actually really dumb. You can watch them unfold on Twitter in real time; it’s not like they’re skulking around in the shadows of the interwebs or something.

Two types (at least):

US has withdrawn from Kobane

SDF are lying about their own FakeNews campaigns because YPG are commies

This attack consists of claims that it is the YPG who are engaging in FakeNews attacks. Cute. They had two versions of an article with a red X and a green circle or something and it’s crap. Like, obviously crap. And they’re everywhere.


The careful reader will note the participation of Russian media outlet

Edit: Man, searching for Kobane on Twitter is a wasteland of that Fake News report. It’s multiplying like a virus. My feed sucks right now.

It crowds out real information not just because it’s wrong, but it takes up so much fucking space.

Who actually believes this shit? I’ve always been focused on the idea that the content of Fake News being stupid, but the delivery mechanism is absurd.

Imagine coming into an online forum of any kind, noticing that 60% of the posts were identical, and concluding that that post must be superduper true!!


Finally: Brief note on the ppl of Kobane


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