Nov 28: Happy American Thanksgiving

Rojava is weird. I was going to not post today. As in, very specifically leave today blank.

I wanted to do it as a juxtaposition with the notion of giving thanks, which entails both thanking those around us, but also recognizing those we cannot thank but make the world better.

And I know for an absolute fact, simply by virtue of my Twitter app, that some of the folks over there know of Thanksgiving, some have experienced it, some experienced it just recently, and others miss it very much.

But they have work to do.

It was made clear to me that this would not be clear to readers simply by the omission of my post.

Which is why I have now attempted to explain a bit. I hope that makes sense. If it makes you—as it has me, for that matter—think even for a moment about this, then thagood.

Thanks everyone.

So, that said, might as well do a brief run-down, which somehow, I think, brings the above into even higher relief. Not sure how, but I think it does.

It’s “quiet” as expected, except for the expected terrorism stuff. They even managed to disable one car bomb and I don’t even know how one learns of an un-exploded car bomb. Quiet in conflict breeds strangeness as its unnatural, and the quiet is getting kind of weird. The good guys seems to be taking the opportunity of Turkey backing off a bit to kick the shit out of some bad guys, but the fighting is still nasty. Russia and Turkey are shelling each other. The SAA and SDF whom the SAA technically consider rebels are fighting very well together, it seems, which is one of the most fundamental weirdnesses that people have to keep moving past to even discuss the conflict coherently. Terrorist factions are doing the in-fighting thing like in mob movies. Some of the terrorists are apparently angry that Turkey is making them fight in the northeast and won’t let them go fight in Idlib. The  US military is just short of doing donuts in the parking lot as they drive around and appears to have brought in more Bradleys in the middle of the night before Thanksgiving knowing that the media wouldn’t cover it. Some British troops trucked off from one spot to another and I hadn’t even fucking known they were even there, goddamn ninjas. POTUS is in Afghanistan on a surprise visit, the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military showed up in Iraq, and the USS Abraham Lincoln is still parked in the Persian Gulf—although the US media keeps reporting it as Bahrain as though Americans actually know where that is—which suggests that some of the quiet is a function of the US making clear that they will take an inch of top soil off of the territory of anyone who fucks around right now. Also, Europeans are cool but Europe is an asshole.

Basically, if you’re reading this, you probably have some idea of how many Tweets I’ve read in the last month or so. Or for the last day or two for that matter.

This one about covers it all.

Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

Now let’s watch some Chechens having a throw-down dance-off:

Actually, some of the folks on the Twitters had a throw-down Tweet-off about dance-offs.

Rojava is weird. I’ve grown fond of it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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