Nov 16 (1/3): The War on Twitter P1

Another Day in the Life of Resistance Twitter:

We see a lot of serious and sometimes intense shit here, yeah? But I think when life gets to real, for whatever reason, people get bad at it. By the same token, I think we all know how we can lose sight of the important things.

Therefore, for that reason, I’d post a sampling (5, to be specific, as that’s all the board software can handle at a time.) of Tweets. I don’t want to veer too far in to “They’re just like us!” But, well—

I don’t have a lot to say here, as it’s mostly self-explanatory.

They talk trash:

Like dogs

But understand the internet is primarily a vehicle for sharing images of cats.

And still have time to complain about politics

Poor Lindsey Graham, by the way.

When is the last time that guy slept?

I guess there was no reason to believe it would be otherwise, but the degree to which what post to Twitter in their downtime is just what people post is kinda wonderful.

As much as anything, I think I get almost moved sometimes that, in a war, they actually have downtime. People still fuck around. So many of the Tweets in here are so momentous, I wanted to share a glimpse of normalcy in it all.

Now, we just need to get them an NBA team. I mean, I’d say the NFL, but the last thing they need over there is another soulless autocratic regime and, anyway, NBA Twitter is way better. Not even close.

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