Nov 18 (3/6): What Can Civilians Believe?

Here is a great example of the “What can I believe problem?”

There was an explosion in a town occupied by Turkish backed militia who blamed it on SDF.

So who blew up the bomb. I don’t know. Could I figure it out with any reasonable certainty? Probably.

But it takes time and effort, and that’s from the comfort of my living room—by way of comparison, every post by me in this thread has been made in a  if comfy chair on my iPhone—and I’m a trained researcher with a doctorate in social stuff. And whatever I learn might only apply to that event and offer only limited information as to how to actually survive.

And even then, it might not be advisable to act even on certain knowledge because the knowledge of who committed the bombing may be only loosely related to who will control the territory in the short, medium, and long terms which is what you really need to understand if you’re less interested in the ruling philosophy of the various combatants and more about continuing to live.

Which ironically, in the context of what appears to be Turkey’s strategy, only increases the power of blowing shit up arbitrarily.

It’s just another day of not knowing who to trust; that becomes the new norm-which is of course, again, intolerable.

Update on the aforementioned aforementioned bomb that blew up:

So it really was a terrorist false flag operation by the occupying TFSA against the people of the town.

Lemme put on my surprised face.

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