Nov 4 (2/3): Heroes & Martyrs

I haven’t been updating on the adventures of the Free Burma Rangers, but one got killed.

I’ve been following them since the beginning of the conflict, and I feel like I should share their video messages about this incident on basic principle.

Each of them are two parters-each Tweet should show both, I hope:

Confession: When I first found Eubanks, I was deeply suspicious that he was totally full of shit.

But really, I was just late to the party:

FOXNews: Former Special Forces soldier who saved 6-year-old Iraqi girl on front lines says God was on his side

barbed wire Bob

LA Times article on the Eubank and the rescue. He seems like the real deal.

There was a woman sprawled on her face. Dead,” Eubank said. “A baby, all shot up. Dead. Near them, two old people. Dead. And then you realize all those lumps of rags were kids. Dead, dead, dead.”

All had been shot, he said, by Islamic State snipers cutting down those fleeing the hell their neighborhood had become as Iraqi forces fought to dislodge the jihadis from what had been the militant group’s Iraqi capital.

Then, in the distance, Eubank noticed movement among a group of corpses clustered before a wall pocked by bullets: A half-naked toddler stumbled over the bodies; a girl of about 5 peeked from under the hijab of her dead mother; propped up against the wall, a wounded man waved for help.

The sniper fire continued, and the the survivors were 150 yards away. Eubank and some Iraqi troops quickly came up with a plan: Eubank would try to rescue the girl

Los Angeles Times: For former U.S. Special Forces operative turned aid worker, a dramatic rescue in Mosul



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