Nov 16 (3/3): The War on Twitter P3

Ultimately, this is a super cost effective way to fuck up the ground situation. Keep in mind, also, that the Kurds getting confused and frightened and fleeing their homes may be an acceptable arrangement to Erdogan, thigh ideally for him they wild disperse to the wind and cease to be a people anymore.

These are all Tweets from my feed on the Syrian Civil War that came up organically in my search for news on the ground. They’re all from around the same time, so they could actually theoretically come up on a feed in this order even. But here, I did a little arranging to build a coherent story. It was surprisingly easy once I put a few Tweets for the task in one place.

Also note that some of the tweets below are true. The ISIS one is true. Also, the RIC one is a true story about a disinformation campaign—about a false story if you will; those helicopters are American Apaches.

Note the blend of legitimate and illegitimate and confusing about what true even in legitimate stories in the collection. Basically, introducing crap obscured our ability to discern sources we can trust.

And now imagine your a civilian on the ground in northern Syria armed only with news from the interwebs to survive.


Let’s build a bullshit narrative of fear!!

bad boys 2 watch me work.gif

So, wait, what is going on again, these days?

Wait, what? Does he mean this?  Or does he have to thank Trump to curry favor?

Yeni Safak: US senator wants to hold off sanctions bill on Turkey

Jim Risch says it is better to hold off sanctions as negotiations over S-400 between US, Turkey are ongoing

Wait, what? The US won’t even sanction Turkey?

NBC News: Russia moves into Syria after U.S. troops withdraw

Wait, what? Russia? And they’re talking US bases? I thought they were enemies… or at least not friendly.

Wait, what? The US refuses to retake control of the airspace, and now there are Russian helicopters overhead?

NPA: Turkish-backed armed groups negotiating the body of a Syriac fighter for $10,000

Wait, what? I thought the Americans were helping fight ISIS, weren’t they? Isn’t that why they’re here? What do I do now? 

Maybe I can go to those nice people I saw on TV for help…

Wait, what?? Who can I trust then?

Wait, what? Freedom for who? What about us?


Wait, is that what this is really about?

The Arab Weekly: Confusion marks US role in north-eastern Syria

The oil idea especially appealed to Trump who likes transactional foreign policy.

AMN News: Syrian Army enters oil rich part of northeast Syria


Are we clear on what the US mission in Syria is? Fighting ISIS or oil? What is the US even thinking? Is it obvious whom we can trust?

The process converts a lack of information into visceral fear. That’s how it works.

What does the future hold in store?

This weakens people. It can weaken a people, whole communities. And it’s cheaper than tanks, that’s for sure.

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