Nov 7 (2/15): A Little of that Human Touch

Basically, this guy, Aidan James, joined the SDF to fight ISIS and is being punished for being an anti-Turkey terrorist.

Independent: Aidan James: British fighter who battled Isis in Syria jailed for four years

Aidan James, one of several British volunteers who fought with the Kurdish YPG against Isis in Syria, has been jailed in first completed prosecution of its kind

He was sentenced to four years imprisonment for attending a place used for terrorist training

Interesting that one of these—first successful prosecution in UK—cases is actually breaking one way or another now, though it could be a coincidence.

It looks like the jury wanted to thread the needle and convicted him for being at a camp that had PKK personnel present, but not the charge for being with YPG in and of itself.

That’s a critical legal distinction for the international status of both the fighters and the umbrella organizations.

Dani Ellis

Marie Claire UK has put out an interview with one of the women on the ground, Dani Ellis, with Rojava that is a very good follow on Twitter and to whom I have linked before.

Marie Frontline Syria with a Brit volunteer: ‘Young women are the forefront of the resistance’

I came here to join a group called make Rojava Green Again, which is an ecological group. I had studied engineering at university for six years and came to work here as an engineer as well. I was really inspired by the society, particularly how they had defeated ISIS, and that it was female led. The final straw that brought me here was learning about the death of Anna Campbell, a British fighter for the YPJ. She was a friend of a friend and hearing about her story of coming and fighting was so inspiring.


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