Oct 18 (2/4): 9 Questions: Covered Like a Mega-Tarp


There is nothing good about any of this, but perhaps a book by Rev.

This has WWIII written all over it, except this time we hold no ethical high ground.


Ask those posters from earlier about Dabiq.


The only reason I think the WWIII comps are silly is that it’s not remotely clear what the ‘sides’ are – Russia is basically backing both sides here, Europe couldn’t possibly be less interested in backing Turkey, and let’s be honest Trump isn’t about to jump whole-hog into a fight against Syria/Russia.

Re the above, the one thing that would make this at least somewhat enjoyable would be if Turkey gets its ass handed to it


I mean, he’s lying. Through his teeth. All he does is lie. We all know this.


VOX: 9 questions about Turkey, Syria, and the Kurds you were too embarrassed to ask


Thanks for sharing this. Very helpful.


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