Nov 8 (7/14): Ethnic Cleansing, Rocks

Turkey’s (mis)Use of Allied Sold Weapons Continues

Reports: Gambling in the establishment has been discovered.

CNN: US believes reports Turkey misused US-supplied weapons in Syria incursion are ‘credible’

US looking in to possible misuse of arms sold by them to Turkey.

This feels like a joke almost. Like, the whole What Did You Expect Them To Do With Them schtick. Bad joke, if you will.

The Denial of Culture: Two Levels

With the modern magic of social media, you too can know watch the subtleties of ethnic cleansing as tools of power in real time from the comfort of your own home.

More Rocks!

An absurd amount of my Twitter feed is people throwing rocks at trucks.

Most of them are different cuts of the same footage. This one’s a different angle though.

Hopefully more to come.


New Meetings on Syria Scheduled

This can’t be right… ?

One way or another, major pro-Turkish media just put this out, announcing a summit of France, Germany, UK, Turkey, and Syria (not SDF/SDC).

Milliyet: Last minute … Fourth summit date for Syria is announced (Google Translation)

I keep seeing dates for possible meetings kicked around that are, like, in lawyer or judge time. Like, a month from now? srsly?

Edit: Narrator: It was right.

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