Nov 18 (6/6): Turkey Not Sending Refugees to Syria?

I don’t know what this is all about, and it seems weird, but it’s almost definitely foreshadowing something-this is coming up again.

So, much like with the announcements that the US is not there for the oil, Turkey is not pursuing the repatriation of Syrian refugees, a cruel idea that he attributes to the political opposition.

Bianet: Erdoğan: We Won’t Send Syrians Back
In a departure from his recent promises about repatriating millions of Syrians, Erdoğan has said that they cannot send people who “ran from barrel bombs.”

Erdoğan said Turkey makes a “conscious” effort to make the lives of civilians in Syria better, unlike other countries that pursue their personal interests in the region.

When you control for the superior grammar and rhetoric, these propaganda pieces are fundamentally the way you express yourself to convince a six year old to love you because you’re the greatest daddy ever. It’s fucking insipid.

Officially speaking, though, especially if you throw in ISIS being defeated, there are almost no officially stated reasons for the armies involved to be fighting left.

With one notable exception: ridding the region of what he terms the YPG which, even if this were a fair characterization of the SDF, somehow includes everyone in northern Syria.

And then a brief look at Twitter suggests that the US military has its own idea of what its orders are.

One of the Israeli articles I posted upthread noted that the US doesn’t actually have two sides to its split personality disorder, but three—POTUS, State, and the military.

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