Nov 11 (2/6): ISIS Kills Priest

A friend of mine suggested that maybe the Bradleys are bait. Maybe he’s right. Maybe bait is a good way of putting it.

If it is bait, there’s likely people to take it—second explosion in Qamishli confirmed:

This is the first something like this I’ve seen from this side.

I mean… Batman? Shits getting real.


Apparently the first one was near a church, and there have been a bunch of church bombings in and around Qamishli recently and they’ve just been swamped by war coverage.

It’s also being reported that the priest killed was traveling to inspect a church being restored, presumably by Islamist radicals (but I want to double check).

RIC is turning it up a notch:

I don’t think that church was hit today. There have been enough in the last year that I’m not sure I can figure out when that happened though.

But, as always, the people of northeast Syria remain, we… There is just a lot of buzz around Kobane right now.

Fucking, again…

But they are resilient. They’re used to this.

Dan Chipowski

St. Peter was pretty handy with the steel, if you know what I mean.
saint gabriel pssoenti society.jpeg


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