Nov 7 (1/15): Ain Issa & Tall Tamr

More fighting in the villages around Ain Issa today, with the obvious eye on the M4.

Here is a good four Tweet mini-thread* on some of the fighting, along with pics and videos.

*the last few past the one I’m posting; the person has some “Twitter functionality issues.” Also, that’s not a tank on fire in the most recent video, it’s a technical, but whatever, that’s not really the point, eh?

The Russkies have been active in today’s engagement.

So there’s a wonderful cynically humorous understatement to a lot of the observations coming out of the conflict…

Anyway, the battles wage while the larger positioning (and posturing) going on. Mainstream media is still getting around to quibbling about statements from the government that the cease fire has basically held, despite not just the fighting but the changing of territory.

Meanwhile, one of our own federal agencies has weighed in basically to the contrary… in Iraq.

There is a noticeable uptick in buzz about the U.N. and the international community with respect to Iraq, which underscores the relative silence on Syria.

Tal Tamer: Heavy Weapons

Over around Tel Tamr (east of Ain Issa down the M4), Turkish forces shelled villages in the area using heavy weapons and drones.

Total “activity” seems to be down based on the chatter. From what I’m seeing, it suggests that the introduction of tanks to the battle field, as one side has been reinforced  with Turkish armor and the others Syrian Arab Army armor… people seem to be advancing with more caution, perhaps?

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