Oct 24 (1/4): The Biggest Withdrawal. The Best Withdrawal.

I haven’t posted any of the oil articles because they’re all speculative but Business Insider and Yahoo!Finance and some others think it’s pretty stupid.

It’s worth listening to Trump talk about it for seconds though. It’s kinda… creepy.

Basically, it sounds like they finally found one thing to tell him about Syria that he understands.

barbed wire Bob

That‘s my take.  My guess is the Pentagon was loathe to abandon the Kurds but they couldn’t refuse a direct order from the CoC.  So  someone  came up with this rationale to maintain a military force in the area where ostensibly they are securing the oil fields but in reality they are maintaining a safe zone for the Kurds. IMO, whoever came up with this scheme to manipulate  Trump is brilliant and my hat is off to them.


If you’re right, it’s about as good a place to put them to irritate Iran, too.

We’ll see. But a point in favor of your theory is that someone managed the plan to transfer Kobane to the Russians, so people are definitely thinking on their feet there.

I wonder what kind of logistical supply lines a bunch of tanks need that snake eaters or whomever we had there don’t…

barbed wire Bob

Thirty tanks suggests they are thinking about deploying a combined arms battalion or maybe a MEU, so figure around 1000 members. This is a WAG on my part. I’m not a soldier so take this fwiw and hopefully a professional such as [REDACTED] can chime in but I’m pretty sure the logistical tail required will be much larger than what the Special Forces needed.

For reference, this is the Wikipedia entry for a MEU .


Wait… what? I thought the whole idea was to bring the troops home. We pulled out a small special forces contingent and are now sending tanks?






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