Nov 12 (2/5): Bad Stuff

This was going to a greater elaboration of Bad Guys Doing Bad Guy Things, but then someone started firing missiles at someone and I had to go chek that out.

Bad Guys Hate Art

Militants wrecking priceless historical art. Interesting that many sources are starting to go more granular in their identifications of which militants are responsible for which atrocities lately. The fuck up churches too, though as one maybimagine, a lot of the historical art is going to be in churches and mosques and temples and whatever Yazidism uses and such.

Think of the Children: Refugees

UN has had to toe the line between providing humanitarian aid and dealing with a rogue NATO country. Some have accused the organization of being effectively complicit in the humanitarian problem by facilitating the movement of peoples to avoid confrontation. Sounds like a shit situation, IMO.

UN News: Hundreds of thousands of civilians at risk in Syria amid ongoing violence in northeast and northwest

Wait, This Has Been Going on How Long?

There’s starting to be articles that, like, this is not a new problem. Basedon where I grew up, I now feel like a dickhead for not learning more about the Armenian genocide.

ForeignPolicy: Erdogan Wants to Redraw the Middle East’s Ethnic Map

In fact, even exactly this iteration has been going on for awhile.

openDemocracy: Turkey’s occupation and expansion in Syria: Turkish-backed violations intensify in Northeast Syria: why we should not be surprised.


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