Oct 20 (3/5): What is it with Erdogan & the Kurds?


Does anyone have any idea or theory or whatever on why Erdogan seems to be the only leader on Earth who does’t care if ISIS flourishes on his country’s border?

I don’t get it.


He is far more interested in solving the Kurdish issue, the way the Turks ‘solved’ their Armenian issue. After a century of the heritage of Ataturk’s secularization, he’s pretty sure the Islamic nature of his nation is simply far too cosmopolitan to be enticed by the blandishments of ISIS fundamentalism ?

Darnell’s Son

Furthermore, he can “solve” his Kurdish problem, then pivot and rejoin everyone else in trying to extinguish ISIS. He probably hopes no one remembers about the Kurds once ISIS is gone, and based on world history, he’s probably right.


Impeachment fans have been wondering what Pelosi’s next move would be…

Who had Jordan in the pool?

SotH: Pelosi Leads High-Level Bipartisan Delegation to Jordan

Have to assume this isn’t just an IR or a humanitarian mission given what’s going on back in Washington, yeah?

I wonder what she’s up to.


Complete speculation, of course, but the Hashemite dynasty are amazing survivors, their nation’s situation has always been even more precarious than Poland and the fact that they are still there is a testament to sheer political agility in the face of 2, 3 and sometimes 4 sided power struggles. If the Democrats wanted to discuss with the Saudis how and why unfettered support of Trump and Netanyahu might not be in either the medium or long term interests of anyone including SA and the USA, the best way to do so might be obliquely via an intelligent, articulate and inherently sympathetic interlocutor, and Abdullah fits that bill perfectly.

barbed wire Bob

Kurds make up roughly 20% of Turkey’s population. Since 1978, when Ocalan established the PKK, the Kurds have been waging an insurgency with the ultimate goal of establishing an independent state. That’s the long term threat to Turkey and Erdogan knows it. The chaos in Syria allowed the Kurds to establish a semi-autonomous region in northern Syria and they had a pretty good shot at establishing an independent state. If that happened then Turkey (and Iran and Iraq which also have large minority populations of Kurds) feared it would accelerate the secessionist movement within Turkey and in the other Kurdish areas of the Middle East. The threat from ISIS, on the other hand, is transitory in nature and, from Turkey’s perspective, not much of a threat at all. In fact, there have been some allegations that Turkey has been collaborating with ISIS. So, it makes sense that Turkey will use this opportunity to crush the Kurds first and then deal with ISIS later

geoduck no quahog

Has anyone heard a prediction that this border incursion solution in Turkey/Syria will be used as a model for the next Russian land grab in Ukraine (or elsewhere?). It seems like a useful model for Trump and Putin.

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