Nov 22 (2/3): Elon Musk’s ISIS-mobile

I don’t know if this will have legs outside of the middle east, but these are amazing.

And then my brother brought this to my attention.

Image result for mask jackhammer


A little background on the top image for those who weren’t watching Syria closely. From 2014-2017 ISIS operated what they called “The Workshop” outside of Raqqa. It refurbished and upgraded captured armor. They used the sort of serial numbers photoshopped onto the side of the Tesla above. There is a good blog on The Workshop here, including the story of “206” which I will briefly recount. The “206” came off of this BMP-1.

ISIS used it in an attack against Kweres airbase. The attack failed and the regime forces then took over “206”.

The Tesla most closely resembles the 200 series BMP-1 VBIEDs (the 200 series were converted BMP-1s, both fighting vehicles and VBIEDs). To make the VBIED, ISIS would remove the turret (often to put it onto a pickup), pack the interior with explosives and weld the doors shut.

Also, ISIS had a second workshop in Deir ez-Zor (aka Wilyat al Kahir in various spellings) that was notorious for producing armored monstrosities such as this bulldozer VBIED.


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