Nov 20 (3/8): The Subtler Messages of Rock

More Rocks.

One of the things I like about the rock videos beyond their inherent awesome is how dialing into this accounts that cover actual people let’s you see and hear support for things, such as Rojava, that aren’t covered by the larger coverage that follows the US governments lead in talking about the SDF.

But the kicker here is that the military is constrained in discussing things like Rojava  and have to opt for SDF, whereas the media should feel no such restriction and, it often appears that the military wishes they would cover that which they can’t communicate.

Basically, it’s easier to understand the people by watching them throw shit at Turkish military vehicles than it is to read the news, good investigative reporting notwithstanding.

From the news, you wouldn’t even know what these people—the actual fucking people, want. They’re frickin’ holding fucking signs for fucksake.

So: Let’s rock!

They’re staring to drop tracks over more and more of these.

This one has a pro-Rojava track I posted previously overlaid to the video.

These don’t have music but are still awesome.

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