Dec 13 (2/2): The War on Twitter Continues: Death by Troll!

So I there’s been a new development in the war:

Bad guys are trying to troll the good guys into submission.

Glory be. My stars.

As in, I guess, somehow ISIS types a.k.a. Turkish-backed militia and their supporters are going online and “attacking” and “logging” the Twitter accounts of their opposition and, I guess, trolling them?

I know this sounds absurd, as is my presentation of this absurdity. But I am mostly serious.

Like, there has been trolling. But, like—and I know this is sorta obvious—even though there’s a war and combat and humanitarian crises and stuff, the more real stuff gets, the more trolling can be off-putting.

For anyone who can’t see the whole image in their display:

tweet troll not ironic.jpg

Yes. Seven dead terrorist children.


So, perhaps not as huge an issue as others in an all out frickin’ war, but it’s annoying. And hurtful. And also gets in the way of conversation which the good guys want for obvious reasons of letting the world know what’s what and which is all to easy to mess up.

Communicating with our fellows is hard enough, right?

In response, people in or for Rojava have set up a Twitter blocklist where if you sign up it will automatically block pro Turkey jerks.

Remember: Not Turkish people. Not even pro-Turkey people. Pro-Turkey jerks.

That’s just cool. It’s another example of the ongoing, unplanned adaptations to things that had never occurred to anyone—sometimes maybe have never happened before—that they keep engaging and dealing with in this conflict.

That said, beyond the nuisance, no matter how nasty jhadi and other pro-Islamo-fascist trolls can be, the people on the ground are not even remotely taking this attack seriously.

Of course, this is but another minor extension of the Twitter Wars such that, whatever genius is running things at Twitter, that company is totally unequipped to deal with.

Like, this cracked me up:

As friend of mine said: “for no reason.”

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