Nov 26 (1/6): Snap-Shot

I’ve never seen this before, but you know those reflective safety vests that cyclists wear so that cars can see them and don’t hit them or run them over?

Well, they come in MRAP sizes as well.

Somebody wants to make sure everyone knows they’re not part of the Turkish forces, and we know that the people of northern Syria have already figured out who was who, so this is, well, interesting.

In other news, Kurds are bothering the Hague. Message is probably something like: Do. Your. Job.

Law and politics. That always goes well for the Kurds.

See, I’m not saying that I think that our modern incarnation of identity politics is the most annoying thing in the world.

But I am saying that the global movement of resistance to fascism might

But why wouldn’t they be pissed?

I mean, bad guys are ransoming the bodies of their loved ones back to them for burial.


Now this here is subtle but significant: Enes Kanter Tweets a video not referring obliquely to Turkey’s human rights record, but rather addressing our failure with respect to the Kurds. This is an important shift.

And Kanter knows subtle.

Speaking of subtle, Assad apologists are trying to push the idea that being anti-Assad is misguided because the white phosphorous reports were bogus.

As though, as awful as such attacks are, this situation hasn’t moved on from that a teensy bit. Like, as bad as that is, things are that and worse. Hell, I’ll spot these guys the chemical attacks and he’s still an awful shit and a criminal (I’m getting annoying with term “war criminal.” Let’s not pump them up like that. He’s a punk (not the good kind) who should go to jail. Good talk.

Moving on: The Kurds are going to fight. Also: Water is wet.

So, looking a little bit down the road, the same crew that put out the hit piece on the Free Burma Rangers is hand-wringing about whether or not we should rebuild Syria for Assad.

There’s a bunch of this crap. My thoughts:


My apologies for yelling.

cap locks of justice

Jesus. I mean, fucking people. They put out the same-ass dittohead shit with each other. I wonder if they even know there is other news out there or if that’s simply not important to them. Or this is just how they do things, I guess. I read their stuff, but they all share the same garbage. Kyle Orton appears to be a ring leader or focal point guy. I keep forgetting who he actually is because… can someone be a raging schmuck? Because if so, that’s him. My opinion, of course: I haven’t tested this scientifically. I have not quantified the schmuckiness.

Meanwhile some of the heavy hitters show the world how little fucks they actually give and how real power operates.

Fuckin’… wow. War games with China in the middle of all this. Which is to say: They can.

Russian media put that out, so it’s hysterical. I don’t know know exactly what it means. I just know it’s hysterical.

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