Nov 22 (3/3): Ground Up-Date: More Intensification

So, brief wrap on the ground, as much of it is just adjustments to the existing situation. More slow intensification.

While sitting around playing Parcheesi or whatever it is they do out east when not patrolling, Russia continues to go even more HAM on Idlib alongside the SAA including maybe upped airstrikes. SAA also apparently dropped a bunch of barrel bombs on a TFSA stronghold near Kobane.

So, if you’re keeping score, in some places Russia patrols the border, in others, they just sorta watch, in others they let SAA hit TFSA from the air, and in others they join SAA and go HAM on the TFSA.

Which means the struggle over the M4 continues, especially northeast of Ayn Issa where the road to Tal Abiad crosses the M4, without me being able to see anything decisive on it.

I think somewhere in all those situations that basically checks almost every box for what they could possibly be doing with themselves, but all in the same war.

Oh: Plus cramping the US’s style:

RUSSIA HAS CHOSEN TO establish a new military base in a part of Syria perilously close to an area that American troops have been charged with defending, heightening the risk of a confrontation from either an unintentional skirmish or a deliberate provocation.

For obvious reasons, the locals continue to communicate how cool they are with the Russians.

Meanwhile, the “demographic change” of the region Tyrkey is undertaking continues.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse:





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