Dec 05 (1/2): Driving Misc. Army

So, as I’ve alluded to in past posts, one of the reason not much goes on the ground sometimes is because the big kids aren’t telling anyone what they’re doing. So people stay low until things become clear.

So what are the big kids doing?

They’re driving around. Again.

America Trucks

That’s not a typo; it’s a verb.

One of my favorite recurring sub-plots of this conflict is watching the US military announce clearly that a big part of their strategy is:

  • Everyone knows where we are.
  • We have the right to self defense.

And then just drive around.

So where are they? They’re trucking all over the damn place.

Here’s the thing: It’s kinda bullshit.

Like, it’s funny when the US military keeps repeating it, because it’s so clearly a statement of force. Like, We Dare You.

But one thing that is increasingly clear is that it’s not true.

They keep shipping convoys around and back and forth which makes it totally confusing as to where they they are going to be, especially when you see a convoy driving away from a place that nobody had seemed to know had had US troops in significant number in the first place.

With apologies to Bill Hicks, how? When? I’ve been here all day. Are they ninjas?

I mean, they do a lot of deploying for an army that withdrew two months ago.

And now, if it weren’t already clear how that could have a dampening effect on conflict in the area, the Russians are getting in on the act.

Russia Trucks

But the Russians have added a twist!

Russia Trucks and Helicopters

Is “helicopters” a verb? It is now.

I thought flexing with helicopters was America’s game.

What’s up with biting our style?

Anyway, looks like Russia, through their media, also, like the US military, wants people to know this.

Tass: Russian military police and aviation carry out patrolling missions on five routes in Syria

Russian military police continued patrolling missions on routes Karamania-Dikia in Hasakah province, Kobani-Marwah, Ajami-Karakozak and Ajami-Avsharia in Aleppo province

MOSCOW, December 5. /TASS/. Russian military police have carried out patrolling mission on four routes in the Syrian provinces of Hasakah and Aleppo, and military aviation has conducted one patrolling mission along one route, chief of the Russian Center for reconciliation of the conflicting sides in Syria Yury Borenkov said on Thursday.

“Russian military police continued patrolling missions on routes Karamania-Dikia in Hasakah province, Kobani-Marwah, Ajami-Karakozak and Ajami-Avsharia in Aleppo province,” Borenkov said. “Military aviation carried out an aerial patrolling missions along the route Qamishli-Qantr-Karamania-Gannamia-Qirbatli-Kara Rash-Tell Tair-Abu Kala-Rashek-Biqmazlo-Shanajik-Dikia-Tell Hamdun-Haraza-Haniq-Abu Jarja-Tell Tair-Qirbatli-Karamania-Qamishli,” he added.

Borenkov noted that since September 30, a total of 714,059 people returned to Syria from other countries, and a total of 1,306,209 people returned to places of their pre-war residence. The Russian reconciliation center continues to provide assistance in restoring infrastructure and establishing conditions for the return of refugees. As of December 5, 924 educational and 220 medical facilities were restored, along with 32,721 residential houses and 1,110 km of roads.

Good to know.

So anyway, that’s Russia.

How about Amrica?

Those Tweets above of American convoys are a few days old now, though. Let’s check in and see what the US military is up to now.

More US Trucking

Anyone else see that coming?

Of course, they don’t only drive around.

Business Insider: The US is suspected of killing a terrorist in Syria with the ‘Ninja Bomb,’ a rare missile packed with swords

A suspected terrorist in Syria was reportedly killed with a rare US missile packed with swords, according to multiple reports.

“Ninja missile”?


The Telegraph: US forces kill jihadist leader in Syria with precision ‘ninja’ missile that chops up targets with blades

US forces are thought to have killed a senior jihadist leader in northern Syria using a rarely deployed “Ninja” missile which attacks targets with precision sword-like blades.

The Hellfire missile, or AGM-114R9X, which has a set of six folding blades instead of a warhead for minimum collateral damage, is believed to have been used to take out a commander in the al-Qaeda offshoot Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS) in the province of Idlib.

Oh. A ninja missile. Of course.

Got it.

Loud and clear.

Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy the Operation Inherent Resolve Twitter accounts?

So it goes.

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