Nov 18 (1/6): The Legend Continues…

There’s a short backlog of things to post, but I need to sleep; I will update these posts later.

I especially want to discuss why Operation Inherent Resolve all but sent a cootie catcher with “I Like You Do You Like Me?” written on it to the SDF.

I’m totally serious:

Maybe discuss why and how they deleted it to-though the reply Tweet is subtle but in some ways even more funny.

It’s like… we wouldn’t be surprised if someone said US troops had the best marksmen. Maybe some somewhere are as good, and maybe even some better, but in general, we wouldn’t be surprised, right?

Well, if it’s important for winning a war, wouldn’t we expect to have some kind of Elite Twitter Guard as well?

die hard exceptional thief troll.gif


So it makes sense. I think. As much as anything else.

Anyway, until we get to that:

Here’s some stuff to watch.

VIDEO LINK: MSNBC: The Kurds: Did America betray an ally?

And I’ll leave you peeps with two things.

First: a man who, war be damned, just has to dance!!

And because I’m not gonna talk to Darnell’s Son for a bit: Keep on rockin’ in the free world:




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