Nov 9 (5/8): SDF Explains Who ISIS Is. Or Tries.

SDF continues their messaging strategy of trying to let the facts and their behavior speak for themselves (they even “police” each others’ behavior on line if someone posts something phony. “We’re better than that!)

The SDF (and affiliates) haven’t been posting videos like this until very recently, whereas the SNA has been for some time, frequently with them acting viciously towards captives, etc.

This is basically submitted without comment:

I’ll comment: Who in the ever loving fuck uses landmines in a situation like this? I mean, do they plan on living there or not? Jerks.

Edit: This one has more to “say,” but it has the same intention.

Edit: Get the video while it’s hot because it looks like Twitter is deleting them.

Which is a response to getting this information out:

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