Oct 17 (5/7): What’s Happening? Dunno.

geoduck no quahog

“Mr. Trump, why couldn’t you have made this unbelievably great deal a couple of weeks ago, before Kurds were killed, ISIS strengthened, Russian intervention and the American military embarrassed? Or are you just playing 12 dimensional chess with us and this was your plan all along. You are a genius, sir.”


He made the deal about a week ago with that fucking “C’mon, be a good kid,” letter.

Reports of acceptance of a modified version of the agreement by the leader of the SDF (“the Kurds”):

Basically, saying they agree to the cease fire but not Turkey’s territorial demands, but will negotiate an outcome.

Sounds like a complicated long-term “No.” But with a few days off to… ?

It sounds like that means no cease fire outside a couple specific cities/regions in the northeast, so there could still be changes on the ground in other areas during the limited cease fire.

Putin is probably eating popcorn; there are reports of Russian troops all but gloating that the fighting stops when they roll through.


This “cease fire” is 5 days, right? So is it fair to assume that all hell will break loose again, soon enough?

norm from cheers

What a difference a year makes in Trump’s public opinion of the Kurds.











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