Nov 6 (4/7): Hood-Rat Things


A bit dated, but some context on our NATO ally and why it can be difficult to discern what is the will of the people and what is the political system.

Her name gets thrown around a lot. As it should.

I mean, the often overlooked key to non-violent protest is to model good behavior in your protest so that lesser informed people can look at it and, not even knowing much about the situation, just know:

That ain’t right.

So Turkey Gave TSFA Tanks?


I kind of miss the use of the term Daesh to describe the assholes.  Apparently, saying Daesh inside an ISIS gathering can get you flogged or worse, as they consider it a rather extreme insult.  Or so it is said.

That 1991 video is interesting; thanks for that.  Turkey has been a bit of a mess (if that’s the right word) for quite a while before 1991.  I still believe that there were some missed opportunities where some higher level attention and diplomacy from the US could have made a difference (large or small, I do not know) in Turkish/US relations.  I haven’t been to Turkey (although it still remains relatively high on my bucket list), but I know enough that there is a huge cultural gulf between Istanbul and eastern Turkey that makes the gap between San Francisco and Alabama a crack in the sidewalk in comparison.

If makes you feel better, a lot of the people on the ground still call them Daesh. Like the US military, etc. It’s even on their Twitter accounts, some of them, anyway, like OIR.

Speaking of… Looks like that arms export embargo Germany (and France) put in place was a bit late:

Bad Guys Want You to Recognize Their Venality

OK, so this is so hilariously messed up and yet totally on point:

ISIS is now finally cracking down on their militia members videotaping themselves being assholes.

I can’t stop laughing.



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