Nov 7 (3/15): USA’s Position in Syria

“Update” on USA’s position in Syria:

Remember the stuff about confusion as to whether or not we’re supporting the Kurds or trying to reestablish a new SDF to secure the east?

Why not both?!

Do you think they know their picture is being taken?

So, anyway, that clears up nothing. But just in case anyone didn’t get the message that one way or another, we’re back, SpecOps OIR retweeted this:

Reading the tea leaves, though, they also had a Throw Back Thursday Tweet about… remember what I posted up thread about the southern border crossing to Iraq?

So we’re conducting international relations through #TBT Tweets now. For realz.

I guess POTUS conducts most policy by Tweet. So two can play at that game!!

Anyway, this is consistent with the actual operators in the military leaving all of the possible foreign policy directions this might take (depending who wins the infra-Trump administration power struggle) open.

Among those options is the near total abandonment of the Kurds and the existing SDF if they can get that southern border crossing working. But it’s still hard to see giving up the strategic northern crossing, especially if they’re worried about Iranian influence.

The actual military appears to be doing a fucking bang-up job of managing conflicting missions that are in tension with one another. I’m constantly in awe at their continued ability to hit the overlapping parts of the Venn diagram of policies while maintaining operational flexibility. They must be furious.

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