Oct 20 (2/5): Starting to Look Ugly

Here’s an up to date report from the ground by the Rojava Information Center. No blue check but they check out and are used by major sources (wonder why no blue check…)

One thing to point out: They are very restrained in their mention of a limited number of unusual burns. Lots of verifiably bogus accounts of Turkish use of white phosphorous being shared, so it’s notable that they are not making that claim.

Not mentioned in the report:

  • There is at least one Syrian city in Kurdish controlled territory, Jarablus near Manbij, where there are pro-SNA protests, identifiable by the flags.
  • There are a couple of cities in Kurdish controlled areas that demonstrated against SAA forces entering, even though the were ostensibly there to protect them. (It’s probably notable that none of these cities appear to be very close to the border where the violence is concentrated.)

Update from the Medical Convoy:



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