Nov 20 (5/8): Authoritarian Media

I wanted to point out that the mouthpieces of totalitarian reforms are generally very fond of and similar to one another:

Take this Turkish media account:


Check the source of that heartwarming video:


Also, a lot of these accounts tend to be super fun precisely because they are kinda bullshit. Like, the RT model out of Russia is to put out real news they want you to know, bullshit they want you to believe, and then super interesting and fun shit.

The People’s Daily account that video is from operates similarly, but more focusing on fun and heartwarming stuff and positive news about China.

It’s all quite brilliant. It’s like the very underrated Anchorman 2 on steroids. And real.

And the totalitarian accounts are effectively colluding with one another to convince people that all the bad things people say about those other countries can’t be true.

It’s an integrated cross-borders presentation of the shiny happy public face of autocracy.


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