Oct 29 (1/12): ESB & ANH

Here’s an example from a verified source of the kind of stuff that has gone on even during the cease far, like, during the fighting that kept going on. After Trump negotiated the cease fire.

Rudaw: ‘This is one of your whores’: Turkey’s Syrian proxies desecrate corpse of female SDF fighter

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region- Turkey’s Syrian Proxies, under the banner of the Syrian National Army, continued their rampage on Tuesday as they appeared to  disrespect the corpse of a female Kurdish fighter killed in battle.

On Tuesday, in a video published by the UK-based war monitor the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), a bearded fighter is seen alongside others identifying themselves as the “Mujahideen of Faylaq al-Majd,” the ‘Jihadis of the Majid corps’ who invoke the word “Allah w Akbar” (God is Great) on several occasions.

“The corpses of PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) and PYD (Democratic Union Party) pigs under the feet of the Mujahideen of Faylaq (Corps) al-Majd,” the fighter who is recording the video is seen saying.

Fighters of the same faction can be seen standing on the corpse of a member of the all-Kurdish female unit Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), part of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“This is one of your whores whom you have sent to us. This is one of the whores under our feet,” the Turkish-backed proxy member, as he appears to chuckle from happiness, is seen saying.

According to Hawar news agency, an outlet close to the ruling Kurdish authorities in northern Syria, the Kurdish female fighter, alongside her comrades, was killed on Tuesday afternoon in battles outside of the city of Kobane.

The battles had reportedly taken place as Turkish-backed groups conducted an attack on a meeting point of YPJ, despite a US-brokered ceasefire deal being in place.

This one happens to be associated with one of the “big” stories on the ground, but there are other videos around that show militant jihadis openly and loudly operating in the area, ostensibly under Turkey’s auspices.

They also put the video at the top of the piece where someone might play it before reading the piece, which is kinda a fucked up thing to do.

Also, let’s see if this FOXNews video embeds:

<NOPE> [Edit: Stupid Word Press. This is medieval.]

Anyway, this FOXNews video that I have linked to here is worth watching. We’re sending troops to get the oil Or protect the oil. Same diff. And bad stuff is happening.

Their reporting is pretty interesting, especially given that it’s FOXNews.


Fox News foreign correspondents are usually, but not always, legit journalists.


Have protesters suddenly realized that if they do some catchy Harlem Shake viral stuff their protests will gain more attention? Because it seems so and it’s a pretty damn smart strategy.

The Kurds have their own Greta Thunberg.


Sorry if this is inappropriate, but all I can picture is Anne Frank with a vlog had history or technology progressed at a slightly different pace.

Follow my captivity on InstaGram, huh? Huh.

That’s the world we live in now, my friend.

Heck, some SDF types were having #FF on Twitter, so it all makes as much sense as anything else.

Currently, the US colonel who is the spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve in northern Iraq is giving a press conference and is really pumping up the role Kurdish Peshmerga forces have played in fighting ISIS/ISIL. It looks like it’s being pretty widely covered in the region.

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