Nov 7 (5/15): Ayn Issa & Idlib

People trying to figure out what’s been going on and what happened today around Ain Issa:

KurdisCat: Fighting between SDF and Turkish troops in Ayn Issa, Kurdistan of Syria (Google Translate)

Poor Idlib:

To round out the the fronts (northwest, central north, east)—Idlib continues to just get fucked.

The SNA hold it now. After the SNA kicked the SDF out. After the SDF kicked ISIS out. After ISIS kicked Assad out… I don’t read much further back than that.  :unsure:

Translated from Turkish by Google: We wish you success on both sides

A curious place for both sides-ism. I’m not sure what this really means here, I don’t think. Maybe it’s a translation issue-maybe a blessing on both sides? People do that.

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