Nov 5 (2/4): Notes from the Ground

This is like new grounds in entitlement R&D.

Erdogan Pushing the Poor Put Upon Turkey Narrative

Entitlement, or a sense thereof rather, is ultimately about people telling themselves stories of how great they are, how they deserve things.

Fuck this guy. Seriously.


WTF Twitter?

People in the ground complaining about Twitter being sketchy with their accounts and content.


Here’s a Screen Shot:

Here’s another account of Twitter:

And yet…

Seriously Twitter?

The use by Rojava should be, like, a fucking commercial for Twitter. Do they even understand their product?

I’ve been told, no, they don’t: venture captalists. A friend of mine once described some of their marketing approach in this way:

Public: Have you considered at least telling people when there are new features?

Twitter: Are you mad???

Like, years ago, they didn’t even tell people when they expanded video length allowed and graphics improvements. They don’t know what they’re doing over there, in the best of my limited understanding.



Tel Tamr: Impending Activity

The Turkish forces are 2km from Tel Tamr. It doesn’t take much to see why this is strategically important.


RUDAW: Northern Syrian Christians on a mission to protect their villages

Over the course of Operation Peace Spring, Christian villages in Tel Tamr have been pummeled by Turkey and and its aligned forces.

The Syriac Military Council, an Assyrian/Syriac military organization is assigned by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to protect the Christian villagers in the area.

“Erdogan-backed terrorists are 2 kilometers away from this village. You can hear their shelling and bombardment. We, as the Syriac Military Council, are spread across the Assyrian villages and are ready to defend our citizens from any attack, together with the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and Syrian army,” explains Syriac Military Council fighter Carlos Ashuri.

Madelin is a local Syriac mother of three. She left her children at home and joined the group to protect their village.

“We Assyrians are 17,000 people spread across the Jazira Region in northeastern Syria. Our villages were paradise on earth. Before ISIS coming to the region, other differently named groups attacked our region. After the situation calmed down, we were living peacefully. Life was somehow good. Now, Turkey is coming and repeating the same history. They want to return the mess and conflicts to northeast Syria”

Most Christians fled the 33 villages they had inhabited in the Tel Tamr region during Islamic State’s onslaught in 2014.

Nabil Warda, spokesperson for Syriac Military Council, provides details for their employment in the area.

“Our forces have been deployed in eight villages. They’ve come to the region to over see the situation. Thanks to God, the situation of the villages is calm. They’ve also welcomed displaced people from Sari Kani who have come to the Assyrian villages.”

Conflicts took place in six Tel Tamr villages on Sunday, November 3. Three people were killed and four injured. One of the dead was Zau Seng, a member of an international humanitarian organization the Free Burma Rangers.

Reporting by Roj Eli Zalla in Tel Tamr

Translation by Sarkawt Mohammed

ICSVE: Winning the Narrative: Historical Combat

ICSVE is not big but seems to check out. They’re dedicated to using video to disrupt the narratives ISIS puts out in videos of their own.

Here’s a neat piece from RAND on how ISIS uses narratives of nostalgia:

Rand: Defeating the ISIS Nostalgia Narrative

It’s remarkable how much right wing narratives are similar and perhaps even resonate with one another, both in content and in form in longing for some glory days before Islamic society invented hospitals and street lights and shit-I mean literally, they invented that good shit.

It’s kinda incredible this kinda Islamo fascism grew out of Marx’s theory of history. I mean, this is their theory of history.

Plus they keep making shit up.

robocop control emotional lives.gif

Oh yeah: There have been ISIS bombings. Or some other jihadi group. And they’re accusing SDF of terrorist bombings. Someone’s blowing shit up. Car bombs and the like.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon…

I just wanted to round out this glimpse of the stories people are trying to tell with this clip from the protests in Lebanon. Things are happening.

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