Nov 4 (3/3): Girl Interrupted

In response to me noting that the protesters in Baghdad are responding to tear gas and live fire with fireworks and it’s basically awesome.


We have better TV.

So is this going to be the Arab Spring?

Darnell’s Son

I don’t think you get how seasons work.


Imagine what would happen in America if Trump turned off Netflix.

So is this going to be the Arab Spring?


That’s a question that’s being asked a lot.

Just a bit outside

I just want to say thanks Rev for all the updates.


Hey, thanks.

Enjoy this SDF Hype Video, just for you.

<DELETED TWEET>[Edit: Screen shot. This turns out to matter later.]

Hype Video Deleted

I could watch these all day.

Literally. There’s lots of them.

[Edit: goddammit.]


New Blood

Since I’ve recently been informed that there are probably people reading all this after all and it’s not just me rocking back and forth in the corner with a few friends to attend to me…

Rojava is recruiting!!

Now how much would you pay??

So anyway, there’s crazy shit going on basically right this moment. Russia may have gotten Turkey to punk the militias they’d been backing…

One way or another, apparently the SDF now in combination with SAA troops with heavy Russian weaponry are suddenly kicking the shit out of the jihadi militias all over Syria (east and west areas).

The SNA/FSA militias have been caught off guard by this development. There is lots of chatter about them complaining on social media that Turkey has fucked them and was never actually committed to their territorial goals after all. (Assholes.)

As best as I can tell…

you know how we have people who go on to other teams’ message boards and then come back and make fun of them? Well, it seems that that’s basically what increasingly has been going on during this conflict as social media channels used have stabilized.

Along with the inter-militia troll war, civilians in some of the Turkish occupied towns (e.g. Sarikaniye/Ras al-Ayn) are agitating over social media to take back their homes.

It’s on. Whatever it is.

Just cause.

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