Nov 7 (15/15): View Points of Conflict

Maybe it was a mood, but I came across some “alternative” takes on things. Not, like, bad ones. I think they’re fascinating and instructive.

This, for example, reads all to true. It’s funny. But… but.

theOnion: Timeline Of U.S.–Syria Relations

Another Hype Video

Haven’t posted any Rojava propaganda in awhile, but this is a good one, both in terms of seeing how they are appealing to the international community and America specifically, and also in terms of being an up to date albeit partisan description of the situation in the ground.

Like, a lot of the footage is from the fighting at Ain Issa the other day. They’re cutting these pretty fast now as things keep evolving in them.

“Feminist Utopia”

Many people don’t think such a thing could exist-albeit often for very different reasons.

Here’s some neat color on an eco-feminist enclave in northern Syria. It’s an interesting look at the kinds of things that have been going on there, and seeing it show up in a culture mag like this.

Elle: This Women-Only Village Was Built To Be A Feminist Utopia. Now It’s Under Threat.

A spokesman for Jinwar told me that the village is meant to serve “as an example of a solution to women’s issues and as an example of the alternative to a patriarchal system.” Jinwar and the feminist politics espoused by the direct democracy in Rojava are radical by any standard. They’re an example not just for other women in the Middle East, but also for women in the West who are fed up with patriarchy and capitalism, the twin engines that power modern America.

War is uniquely devastating to women. In Syria, ISIS used rape, kidnapping and forced marriage to exert their power. Now that the Islamic State has been pushed underground, the resulting refugee crisis is largely a crisis for women and children—they make up 75 percent of the Syrian refugee population.In Rojava, Jinwar was built as a refuge for them. “In the war conditions that we have been through, every woman suffered,” 30-year-old Fatma Emin told CNN in May. “Every woman was hurt. Every woman was lost, but Jinwar brought them together.”

War Games


Someone submitted to TripleA an expansion called “middle east combat”


Oh, wow, that’s neat. Interesting map, too.

What’s the old line about God blessing the Jews with the only land in the Middle East without oil?


It seems basically a mini 100 Years’ War with the Kurds playing the role of the German peasantry.




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