Nov 21 (5/5): A View of a “Cease Fire”

So this isn’t so much gratuitous imagery of more of the same, which I try to avoid posting, but rather an effective illustration of:

  • What’s going on in the west when “nobody is watching/cares.”
  • What the people in the east are afraid of.
  • Why there is reason to believe the grinding nature of the battle in the east is a function of the powers to be wanting it that way, because this is what they are willing to do in this conflict when they want to.

The shelling depicted below is going on west of Aleppo.

So pretty much everyone in Syria live in terror that this will happen to them at any point. The idea of a ceasefire is farcical to them.

And, as per Rojava’s constant messaging, people on the ground are aware of how much of this is made possible by the difficulty people have understanding what is going on.

Like, they get it. Even the people opposed to one another all get this.

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