Nov 8 (11/14): Erdogan’s Ways and the Kurds

During WWII, when the United States conducted the internment of Japanese descent in America on the west coast (It’s not well known that there was no internment on Hawaii; being a different theater of operations, they had a different general who, among other things, did not give overtly racist testimony to Congress. Hawaii had no internment, and had no problems. Well, besides that one thing.

Anyway, one of the weirder things to go largel unnoted, except in Carey McWilliams’s eception book, Prejudice, where he chronicles the internment as it happened. One of the factoids that blew my mind was that there had been like half a dozen Inuit people of Japanese descent living in Alaska and living with Inuits, they didn’t even speak any Japanese or know any Japanese people and… I don’t even know how the government found them, much less bothered.

But that’s how it works, I guess. It’s the extension of the logic of “the system” or whatever one wants to call it.

I’ll say this for Erdogan: He is not fucking around.

It may well make sense to strike while the iron is hot and before the international community gets its shot together about doing anything, so that would go for their perceived terrorist opposition in Turkey and Iraq as well as Syria. Given enough time, some solutions will become final, as the saying goes; there’s a ruthless practicality to the approach.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Turkey has launched a new phase of its operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in eastern regions of the country, the Interior Ministry announced on Friday, as it continues to squeeze the group in the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq.

The fifth phase of Operation Kiran, meaning “breaker,” targets PKK in the eastern provinces of Diyarbakir, Bingol and Mus. The operation was launched on August 17 in the southeastern provinces of Van, Hakkari, and Sirnak, and was followed by campaigns throughout the mainly Kurdish areas.

More than 2,500 personnel are taking part in the latest phase, the ministry stated, as reportedby state-owned Anadolu Ag

. . .

In recent years, Turkey has taken its war against the PKK across international borders. In addition to Operation Claw, it also conducts airstrikes in other parts of the Kurdistan Region and Shingal. It is also fighting Kurdish armed forces in northern Syria.

Turkey’s attacks on Syria and Iraq escalated on Tuesday as its warplanes bombed Sinjar two days in a row, striking at villages inhabited by the Yazidi minority. Yazidis survived the ISIS genocide, but they have been targeted in both Afrin in Syria, which Turkey invaded in January 2018, and in eastern Syria, where Turkey is carrying out an invasion against Kurdish fighters. Turkey claims it is fighting “terrorists,” but locals say airstrikes and attacks by Turkish-backed militants have caused civilians to flee.

Turkey claims it is operating against “security concerns,” but its attacks on Syria have led to 200,000 people fleeing, including 14,425 who had to flee all the way to Iraq and now live in refugee camps in the Kurdistan autonomous region. In Sinjar, Yazidis were subjected to genocide by ISIS in 2014, thousands of them being massacred and their bodies dumped in mass graves. In addition, 3,000 of them – mostly women and children kidnapped and enslaved by ISIS – are still missing.

Yo. I mean, it’s one thing to want to kill a fool. But when you get into the, “I will kill you and everyone who looks like you!!” territory… I mean, I get it, the violence inherrent in the system yaddayaddayadda… but killing Kurds in three countries is an absurd amount of work. And what if the time comes and Iran doesn’t let them kil the Ku–

Well… I suppose there’s a first time for someone not trying to kill the Kurds. Anything’s possible.

I’m glad they’re stepping up to the jerk. Like this guy. (Well, not exactly like this guy. It’s probably a lot more intense in northern Syria, I imagine.

But this is cool to:

When he signed with the Celtics, I totally knew we’d be reading all about him in the <checks list> Wall Street Journal.

WSJ: Boston Celtic Enes Kanter Calls Foul on Repression in Turkey

The outspoken NBA center has been labeled a ‘terrorist’ by his native country’s government for his association with an exiled cleric


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