Nov 10 (1/7): Ground Update: Qamishli Bombing

West to east.


Same as always. If it’s happening anywhere—artillery, air strikes, ground battles, all of it—it’s happening there.

TheNewArab: Assad has threatened to obliterate Idlib with Russia’s help. Can Turkey stop him?



The US, seen convoying from Qamishli and heading west, is fully moving out (again?), and the Russians are fully moving in. They have their flag up at the main base. This explains why they were being so oddly protective of that area the other day. Russia is its own side.

Ayn Issa:

Fighting. Drones. A lot of the same. Four Arab tribes have joined SDF in the region .

This is like a day old but it’s basically the same.

ROJINFO: Syria: Turkish drones bombard a town near Ayn Issa


Ras al-Ayn/Tal Tamer:

Heavy fighting with shelling and air strikes, including ambulances. It was chaotic enough that there were conflicting reports, but ultimately it seems SDF were south of SAA who beat back the Turkish forces and hen both pushed towards Ras al-Ayn from northeast of Tal Tamer.

ISWNews Analysis Group: From last night so far the engagements have intensified in northern axis of Tal Tamar.

SOHR: With the intensive support from the Turkish artillery, Ankara-loyal factions carry out new attacks in areas between Tal Tamr and Abu Rasin (Zarkan)

SOHR: Turkish drones continue the intense targeting of several locations in the area between Tal Tamr and Abu Rasin and cause more casualties, as the violent clashes continue in the area


Assad’s SAA has established more of a presence, to the US, Russia, SDF, and Syria and probably some Iranian spies are all there. This is likely why the locals keep throwing rocks.

Uh oh… So much for my Qamishli update. Gooooooood more-ning Qa-mish-liiiiiiiiii!!

Qamishli: Revised

Car bomb exploded. US troops being pelted by rocks.

Darnell’s Son

Me too, Chewie. Me too.

But they’re not out of rocks.

This one is amazing:

Darnell’s Son

The rock throwing is just… I dunno… I love it. I wanna throw some rocks.


I find the rock throwing captivating as well. If that hasn’t come across.








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