Nov 16 (2/3): The War on Twitter P2

Of course, if people are kinda people everywhere, that means the seamy underbelly as well.

The region has its own Epstein Conspiracy intended to delegitimize key actors and breed general distrust.

Except instead of going after the entrenched ruling class, this one has a different kind of target:

Take These jerks, for example.

Are they really heroes? Are they, though?

Of course, maybe they’re not such good people after all… I mean, sure, they were up for the Nobel Prize, but that’s run by creepy snooty Europeans so fucking them, y’know… y’know what it could be? Like, maybe it’s all just a false flag operation!


I mean, it must be true… and not just because it’s a government blue check account.

But, really, who’s to say?

I mean, how can anyone tell from so far away?

We just don’t have the facts, is the argument here. Of course, when we demand every fact be accounted for, inevitably things look suspect. It just seems like it’s too easy…

There’s a name for this theory: specified complexity. It was developed by Intelligent Design types to prove the theory of evolution was insufficient (Sound familiar? Insufficient understanding?) to explain human life. It was declared not bunk science so much as not science at all by a US District Court in Pennsulvani.

(The complex issues of philosophy of science addressed to reach a ruling are top notch, by the way, both in terms of content and accessibility, by the way. Adjudicating in what is science is obviously a tricky and touchy subject. Good read for anyone interested in such things.)

This basic approach was literally developed to undermine the central theory of the science of biology. So we know it works.

Woah, this goes to the highest levels!

Fuck this guy. Seriously. I think he might actually be more disliked than Erdogan. Like, he’s a different flavor of loathesome and people seem to either think he’s a useful idiot or a dork, but not one of the sympathetic dorks from movies. He should own an NFL team. Just a total tool.

Oh, right. He’s a tool. I get it now.

The world of shadows.

Remember that part of True Lies where Bill Paxton plays a used car dealer who pretends to be a secret agent letting Jamie Lee Curtis in on his world of action and intrigue to get  heightened emotional response so that it would be easier for him to manipulate and ultimate fuck her-and, for that matter, fuck her over?

Same shit. It’s always the same shit.

So the conspiracy’s all around us and we can’t see it. Awesome. Or so it seems…

Russia isn’t saying, they’re just saying…


Note how this next one is an article about news coverage. It doesn’t even try to get at fact, it just stirs the shit of the above.

BBC backtrack on their own fake news as claims regarding Istanbul death of White Helmets co-founder are deleted

The best Russian propaganda sows doubt even when they say something true. They’re not trying to reveal with more information, but to fill the scene with more dirt, more junk, more shit for people to get fed up, because a checked out populace is a docile populace.[/spoiler]

As with Epstein Didn’t Do It, the more this effect takes hold, the less it even matter what the actual facts are or were. It’s a post-modern shade cast over discourse.

I want to emphasize that I do not go looking for this crap.

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