Oct 28 (1/3): Base Sweet Home

We’re baaaaaa-aaaack!

SOHR: U.S. Forces return to bases north and northeast of Syria from which they withdrew in the past few days by Trump’s decision

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the U.S. Forces are returning to bases from which they had withdrawn in the past days north and northeast of Syria, after the decision of the U.S. President Donald Trump, and in the details monitored by the Syrian Observatory: more than 500 American soldiers and military and logistical equipment reached Qaserki base, which is located on the M4 highway between Tal Tamr and Tal Baydar, in the area between the Iraqi border – Qameshly – Aleppo over the past 3 days, also Sarin Airport has been witnessing for 5 days landings movement of American warplanes and unloading of cargo planes, as well as the presence of American logistical and military vehicles and equipment.

I feel like we’ve had these poor guys cruising around the desert like aimless teenagers for like two weeks now.


They’re getting frequent continuous tracker miles in so they can get a free ride on a C-130 one day.


Gallows humor aside, this has the whiff of Vietnam, taking a position, abandoning it, then taking it again, to no effect (except for needless death, waste of millions of dollars, and squandering of prestige and influence).


In about 12 hours we might have some idea of what this is.

[Edit: Narrative: They had no idea.]


So is Trump still Cyrus or is he Moses now?



Now back to reality.

Zion Oil & Gas: Dr. David Jeremiah and Zion Oil in Prophecy

Jerusalem Post: Oil in the North: Moses’ blessing coming to life

Zion Oil & Gas is currently exploring for oil and gas in Israel in areas located on-shore between Haifa and Tel Aviv.

You can’t make this shit up. You can’t-it’s all already here and baked in.

Is this the darkest possible timeline?



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