Nov 14 (10/11): US Helicopters: How a Gentleman Flexes

US Helicopters: How a Gentleman Flexes*

US troops at Syria base say they’ll keep pressure on IS
A senior U.S. coalition commander at a base in Syria says American troops are redeploying to bases, including in some new locations, to keep up the pressure on the Islamic State militants

So, this guy below started tweeting from a military helicopter the other day—I mentioned to Darnell’s Son in real time that I thought it was hilarious even before I saw the follow up—and you couldn’t hear him and he didn’t explain why or fucking how he was in the helicopter wearing his Press flack jacket. It was hilarious. There are more than a few of these kinds of public statements that the various players make that have ostensibly no direct purpose.

It’s not a threat, it just lets people know.

Like, there has been precious little about US helicopters except for scattered Tweeted reports, the military didn’t talk about them despite talking at length a about attempts at gotcha questions about the Bradleys, and I think some people weren’t sure they were really still around, as opposed to the HD Russian helicopter video going around.

And then all of a sudden this guy sends out video from a helicopter without explaining. Our military’s sub-Tweet game is strong. Troll game too.

Like, this time they broadcast it live on local TV. Hey, sometimes the most effective propaganda is the truth!  :wooper:

And I mean, who is he anyway just some press guy, I bet his friend hooked hi—oh.

Speaking of Iraq and sub-Tweeting, there’s this:

Remember: US’s stated policy on violence in the region is: Everybody knows where we are.


@Darnell’s Son knows that one of my favorite Twitter accounts now is SpecOps OIR. Which makes sense; it’s part of their mission.

Oh—and we will fucking kill you underground.

This all went down on Twitter yesterday (Nov 12), the day before Erdogan visited the White House.

*I am fully aware of the audacity of posting this as I am by no means an expert on this, particularly in this forum. But this emerged organically across my feed and I thought it worth sharing.

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