Nov 10 (5/7): “Talking Points”

“Talking Points”?

Rojava Information Center has an interesting set of Tweets today. Given Erdogan’s meeting at the White House on Wednesday, I figured I’d see what they decided to Tweet out today, and I thought it was interesting enough to share.

A note on the RIC.

The RIC is, in my opinion, both partisan and reliable. Ultimately, it appears that they’ve decided that the facts on the ground are such that the most valuable thing they can invest in is credibility.

They are restrained in controversial or unclear stories that others sometimes try to push, and they do research and fact checking; their stuff checks out after the fact almost all of the time. Over the course of the last month, they’ve become a source for NGOs and media outlets including NYT, CNN, European stuff, etc. They do not have a blue check mark, but neither do a lot of people I would have thought would, or so I have discovered. Like, this guy doesn’t have a blue check:


I guess Twitter really  is kinda fucked.

So yeah, reliable. But they are also partisan, and I think there is a sort of symbiotic relationship in their reporting and specifically what they emphasize. They want to influence world opinion, but also react to it and feed the world the information they feels it needs based on what people might be thinking about, and what will resonate.

If you’ve been following the thread, you’ll know that I’ve brought up the issue of responsive messaging on the part of Rojava before.

Here’s their 9 Tweets in the last 24 hours.

Rights Violations and Turkification

Greek CNN: Syria: The occupation of the occupied territories has begun (Google Translation)

Fighting ISIS

Ambulance Targeting

The Guardian Picked up this one as well:

Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP)

Military Drones

Attacks on Water Supply

US Forces to Deploy “Alongside SDF”

Think about the Berlin Wall

I suppose dissing walls could piss off some Trumpistas.


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