Nov 13 (5/5): Off the Beaten Track

Mike Pompeo’s Day According to His Twitter Feed:

  • Talked to Norway re: NATO
  • US re-evaluating relations with South Sudan
  • Congratulates PM if Republic of Mauritius
  • Honored State Dept. won “One Team Award” award organization thing
  • Thanked Foreign Minister of Qatar for meeting
  • Says Court of Justice of the European Union should not promote BDSThanked Foreign Minister if Denmark did meeting.
  • Applauds Interim President if Bolivia to restore order

Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) Tweet ~6 Hrs Before Erdogan-Trump PC:

US TOWs used by TFSA @ Tal Tamir


I don’t know if anyone at his office reads them, but they all talk about and Tweet at @LindseyGrahamSC .

There is also a Rojava propaganda video going around with fighting, funerals, and Lindsey Graham. Tweets appear to be being deleted mercilessly.


Helluva a day there, Mikey. I’m astonished that is what the SoS is doing at a time like this.

I’d like to think there is more that he’s not showing on the Twitter feed, but I’m skeptical given his boss.


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