Nov 14 (9/11): Turks and Kurds & Friends

Not much movement on the ground, as expected what with the meetings at the White House today; the usual exceptions being the case, i.d. Idlib in the west and super-strategic Tal Tamr to the east what with the highways there.

A couple things of note today:

Erdogan Cracks Down on More Turkish Mayors Before Jetting to DC

Reuters: Turkey removes four more Kurdish mayors over alleged terror links

He must get up very early in the morning.


Turkey Attacks Tal Tamr Region During PC

Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL Explains the US Position, Such As It Is

Between this and the Ukraine stuff, I’m worried about this guy. He might have an aneurism. Great follow.


Today’s Local Color: Kurds also love


Just Kidding!

They like football.




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