Nov 25 (6/6): Women Protest

Years ago, I attended a Halloween party at Hampshire where it was rated one of the tops Halloween parties in the country. I didn’t understand what that meant until I attended. When I left and went back to my own campus, I felt like I had left Halloween.

I imagine Rojava was a bit like that for International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

They’re coming out in droves. I mean, they have been for awhile all over the world. But yesterday was, of course, special.

I mean, they came out in Turkey too.

The juxtaposition is striking.

women protest turkey police 11-25-19

And America wants people to know—VOA is an NGO, but it’s mission is to present the US voice to world opinion. So the US wants people in other countries to know what’s going on, anyway. But the government doesn’t run the US media. Which is good, but man, if they could only just take a fucking hint.

The MSM does still employ, like, journalists and stuff, right? Are we really not going to talk about women in Rojava in the middle of a fucking civil war—a war—are freer than women living under the Erdogan’s regime?

Maybe I’m watching the wrong channel.

die hard 60 minutes.gif

I mean, sure, there aren’t a huge of Kurds in the world, I guess (although Erdogan seems to think there are too many). But they’re having a fucking global protest.

tweet translation 11-25-19

It’s really something to see. Of course, many of them are taking inspiration from some women who, in their own way, really, really know how to protest the patriarchy.

One of these I’ll go looking for some of the local memes that picture a bunch of ISIS bros looking hard and mean mugging for the camera with pictures of YPG and SDF fighters in local dress with flair and dancing and shit and it says something like: Which group would you guess is the better guerrilla insurgency force?

And they definitely have a grievance.

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