Nov 9 (7/8): Mr. NATO Goes to Washington

The White House announced that Trump would meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg next week.

They’re going to talk about your wireless 5G network.

“The President will also stress the importance of strengthening the NATO Alliance’s defense and deterrence against external threats, maintaining the focus on counterterrorism, raising Allies’ awareness on protecting 5G networks and critical infrastructure, and building resilience against cyber-attacks,” the White House added.

As Marciano490 said, just allies helping allies.

The Hill: Trump, NATO chief to meet at White House

And other stuff. I guess.

Here’s an interesting short piece on the context of the challenges facing NATO right now. Basically, once UK brexits, NATO becomes even more unbalanced, with respect to “North America,” which also, for NATO, emphasizes that relying on EU is insufficient because it lacks the connection to the USA.

ukdj: After Brexit ‘80% of NATO military might’ will come from outside EU

Turkey is forcing a reckoning in Europe and in NATO.

It’s what Turkey has always wanted. Good for them.

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