Nov 7 (8/15): Europe: What is it good for?


What reactions are you seeing among our NATO allies to Turkey’s aggressions? Are the European countries just sitting back to see how everything plays out, or are there signs of frustration and regret?


Silent horror with rumblings that something should be done?

I haven’t really been playing the foreign newspaper game, but there is unhappiness in a lot of European states.

And Marcon of France just said Europe and NATO need to get together for a post US world.

But I don’t get the sense that anybody knows what to do. I mean, where exactly would NATO insert itself into this?

Maybe I should poke around the international news a bit… but interesting things keep happening.

European states may also feel they need to figure out what the US is doing before taking action or making a statement. Like, would any position they take be for or against US policy? They’d need to know that.

And that might be impossible in the near future. Like, definitionally impossible.


What’s the process of booting Turkey from NATO? I know the Russians and Turkeys have historical antipathy (hi Potemkin!), but is there any chance an unNATO’d Turkey allies with Putin?

The geniuses that put together NATO didn’t include anything in the constitution to remove a member.

I guess it’s never come up before, and now people are irritated. Constitutional amendments require unanimous consent.


Given human history, nevermind European history, that seems bizarrely naive. What would happen if Germany invaded France for a change?


Wow. I hadn’t even thought of it in that historical context…

When you put it that way, it just sounds stupid.

armageddon we didn't see this thing coming.gif

Back and Forth Fighting

As Kyrie Irving, formerly of the Boston Celtics tells us, the back and forth nature is the hardest part of the game. It probably actually makes more sense in this context here than in basketball. Like, way more.

Allies: Who Needs Them No That ISIS is 100% Defeated?

There’s no point in starting an ISIS thread since the US has defeated them, but if we hadn’t and there were, I’d probably post this short Tweet thread about jihadi forces in Africa there:

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