Oct 30 (2/7): The Syrian Yoink

Turkey is apparently advancing in some places. The Phase 3 they’ve mentioned of extending the safe zone to 100 km is something to keep an eye on.

That makes zero agreements Turkey has abided by in this conflict, including the promise not to advance on US forces in Kobanî like three weeks ago.

Also, others on the ground have seen the US driving around and wondering where the heck they’re going at any point. Along with Assad’s SAA having to withdraw in some locations and it being unclear what the hell the Russians are doing (What did Erdogan and Putin discuss in Sochi?), there’s a lot of confusion on the ground as to what exactly is happening.

One way or another, the defenses against Turkey are not being enforced, at least in many places.


“At least the SAA has our back.”

Video of the SAA leaving the front. I guess there are some who are… not leaving? That’s someone, maybe?

The Kurds must be freaking out. Not sure what Assad is trying to get out of this.







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