Oct 17 (2/7): At the Barrel of a Gun

norm from cheers

Pence and Pompeo announce they have brokered a ceasefire in Syria for 120 hours to allow for the US to get YPG forces out of the “safe zone.” No mention of talks with Syrian or Russian leadership or where the YPG forces will go. If all goes well a permanent ceasefire will be in place and the US will drop sanctions on Turkey.

geoduck no quahog

Is this a “voluntary” surrender by the Kurds?


It’s made at the barrel of a gun, for sure.

geoduck no quahog

So, the setup is that after the Kurds refuse to be surrendered, Turkey will restart operations based on it being the nasty Kurd’s fault.

21st Century Sox

Huh. So we take over running the Kurds off while Turkey takes a rest? Then hand the land to Turkey. Then drop sanctions on Turkey. Correct? Good Lord….



As bad as all this is, you guys left out Iran.

And, What the hell?

What? Pompeo and Pence “negotiated” for Turkey to get exactly what they wanted out of this situation? I mean, that is literally their objective.

Turkey says it wants a buffer zone, which is true as far as that goes. But part of the idea is that the 30 mile zone at the border would involve seizing all the homes of people who have fled and then repopulating the area with Syrian refugees (largely believed to be Sunni, fwiw). The Kurds they have been fighting would then become homeless. This is part of their intended process of ethnic cleansing of the Kurds. This has been known for some time.

We need to hear more, obviously, but it sounds like Pence and Pompeo “negotiated” an acceptance of the Turkish terms.


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