Nov 14 (2/11): The View from Rojava

Thoughts they’re sending our way.

I think this—

It seems as though Syria’s civil war will come to an end, and its president Bashar al-Assad will retake all of the country’s territory. As is typical of a post-war era, regional and global powers are now gearing up to claim the spoils of war.

—is maybe some intense form of irony to get you to read the piece below, but I’m honestly not even sure anymore. On the other hand, this phrasing seems familiar:

Some analysts considered Trump’s stance as one of “blood for oil.”

That’s probably reading too much into it, but it jumped out at me and made me laugh. Anyway, it’s a more thorough treatment of the subject than others I’ve seen, especially on the Russia angle.

Rudaw: Who will control Syria’s oil and gas?

—and then again, maybe not—wait, WAT?

In early 2019, Russia and the Syrian government signed a huge energy deal.

According to the agreement, Russia has full authority to develop and produce Syrian oil and gas. The deal includes all aspects of Syrian oil and gas, such as the rebuilding of oil facilities and energy infrastructure, and even gives advice and training to the labor force of this sector in Syria.

Russia now controls the gas fields near Palmyra, but has not reached oilfields that are under control of SDF. However, after the agreement between Presidents Erdogan and Putin which saw Syrian troops deployed to the Turkish border, the situation could well change.


Human Interest Stories: Recaptured ISIS:


Stop Trying to Make Lindsey Graham Happen! He’s Not Gonna Happen!!

People are really, really in to this guy.

Of course, you never know who’s “connected” to whom in these crazy mixed up times.


He follows 28 people. I got nuthin’.

Just a Thing:

Reuters: Despite ‘wonderful’ meeting, Trump and Erdogan fail to resolve conflicts

Reuters: UPDATE 1-Turkish lira weakens slightly after Erdogan-Trump meeting

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